The pumps type TCN are suitable for the wine, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical and water treatment industries:
- Centrifugal separators;
- C.I.P. washing cycles;
- Sterile concentration plants and saturation plants
- Plate exchangers

The TA range is used when negative pressure needs to be increased to 0.7-0.8 bar. It is suitable for use with a wide range of different applications and products including: transferring between tanks in negative pressure, suction from underground tanks and many other different systems. continue

The "Hurricane II" jet-washer is used for cleaning the insides of tanks. The machine is simple and compact, does not create any friction and has no electrical parts. The flow of water enables the jet washer to rotate on itself and the nozzles to rotate at the same time. continue




TECNICAPOMPE is an Italian manufacturer of stainless steel sanitary pumps for the Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Aquaculture industries. Their product range includes many different types of centrifugal and self-priming pumps, pumping units and accessories. TECNICAPOMPE's products are a perfect combination of handicraft quality and innovative technology as well as being extremely flexible in finding solutions, for its customers, that are "AD HOC", efficient and of a superior quality.


TECNICAPOMPE was founded in 1968, in a small town on the outskirts of Vicenza, in North-eastern Italy. Mr. Giovanni Zanin, the founder of the company, began providing local producers with craftsman quality stainless steel accessories, for their production of wine, cheese and other typical food products. Through this experience, he saw the great need for pumps and started to produce them, in order to provide a further solution for his customers.


With time, TECNICAPOMPE expanded significantly its product range, the range of industries serviced, the geographical market area, the market share and its own human resources. Today, with a team of over 70 employees in its production plant in Italy, and two branches, one in Spain and one in Chile, it is a leader at a national level, and exports a good percentage of its wide range of pumps, pumping units and accessories.


Our main goal has always been to provide a top quality product to clients that require sanitary solutions for the transfer of liquid matter, while preserving its chemical structure, and for the transfer of solids in suspension, while preserving its physiological and/or organoleptic characteristics. We have done more than that: with 40 years of experience we have acquired a know-how and a deep knowledge of the various aspects of transferring products, in a way that has made us, not only the supplier of a "machine", but also a global Consultant for SANITARY SOLUTIONS.